Shenzhen Andeli New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is the global marketing center established by FOSHAN GMK (stock code: 300619), a gem listed company, in Shenzhen in February 2020. It is responsible for the global promotion and sales of all the products of FOSHAN GMK Group. Products include FOSHAN GMK products: silicone and lithium battery equipment; the products of FOSHAN TIAN BAO LI (subsidiary): silicone rubber and silicone sealant; Products of JIANGXI ANDELI: resins, aerogels and lithium carbonate.

The parent company Foshan Golden Milky Way Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (GMK), established in 2002, was listed in 2017 in China Growth Enterprise Market, with stock code: 300619, is a worldwide professional manufacturer and service provider, which specialized in research development design production and sale of intelligent systems, such as conveying, metering, mixing, dispersing, reaction, filling, automated "on-line" monitoring central control systems, etc. Its products are mainly used in silicone and high molecular compound, Lithium battery slurry, biochemistry fields, etc. Located in Sanshui Industrial Park of Foshan city's National High-Tech Development Zone, GMK has a large modern production plant and precise machining equipment. Its production capacity ranks the first place in the same industry all over China. Some techniques have filled the industrial gaps of the country. Many of its scientific and technological achievements take the leading position in China and have reached the advanced international level. Website:

The subsidiary Foshan Tian Bao Li Silicon Engineering Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2011, is a national high-tech enterprise which devote itself to the research, development, production and management of organic silicon materials. The factory is located in Sanshui Industrial Park, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 26700 M2, with the investment over 80 million RMB and new plants of 15000 M2 at first stage. As one of professional silicone rubber manufacturers, we have accumulated a lot of experience in R&D, production, as well as after-sale service of silicone rubber. TBL owns domestic first silicon rubber automatic production line and various of the advanced silicon rubber production equipment that the annual production capacity is more than 30000 metric tons annually. Website:

The subsidiary Jiangxi Andeli High-tech Co., It is a company specializing in new energy vehicle power battery materials, water-based resins, aerogels and silicon materials, etc. An enterprise that develops, produces and sells environmentally friendly new materials. The company is located in Yi Industrial Park, Nanchang, Jiangxi, covering an area of 300 mu. It has an R & D center and a sales center in Sanshui district, Foshan, Guangdong province. Since its establishment in 2013, the total investment of the company has reached 300 million yuan. After the completion of all the projects, the sales revenue is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes will reach 200 million yuan. The company takes the quality and the credit as the foundation, the standard management, the introduction advanced, the scientific method, the innovation research and development production craft unceasingly; by optimizing the product structure and innovating the brand, Jiangxi Andeli High-tech Co., Ltd. will dream ahead in the environmental polymer chemical material industry! Webeite:

Shenzhen Andeli is the global marketing center of GMK Group. GMK Group has three production and manufacturing centers: Olate Golden Milky Way Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (parent company), Foshan Tian Bao Li Silicon Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (subsidiary) and Jiangxi Andeli High-tech Co., Ltd. (subsidiary). The company was listed on gem in 2016, stock code: 300619.




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